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Create a Vision Board, Lose Weight the easy way

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Secrets to success:

Create a vision board just for you Body, Exercise and Weight

( take a piece of white construction paper and put it on your wall, cut out pictures of your desired goals)

Set realistic goals, don’t shoot too high, best to set a goal for each week. For example,

Long Term Goal 15 lbs, Weekly Goal 2 lbs

Set a goal that has nothing to do with weight, for example, meditate 10 minutes a day

Engage in daily exercise program, even, if it includes, zoom classes, or, a walk around the block

Be realistic with changing bad habits, like not eating sugar for one day a week.

Tell your family about your plans and share your Vision Board with them, let them hold you accountable for your goals.

Go shopping and stock your food only with good, healthy, plant-based foods.

Love the food you eat....and your body will love you forever.

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