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I have suffered with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) all of my life. I remember having stomach aches as a young girl. About a decade ago, I hired the best nutritionist I could find to help me formulate a food plan.


As the years progressed, I was still struggling with my food and stomach issues - not able to eat most things and taking acid reflux medicine. 

I realized a few months into this adventure, I had, unknowingly, stopped needing my stomach medicines. I forgot about them. I felt good most days, and it dawned on me, I am not eating anything that has a face. If I tried to eat animal products, I would feel sick - digestively, extra mucus, etc.


The world opened up to the types of foods I desired to put in my body - and those I did not want to put in my body. Although some would call this a restrictive diet, I consider it true health, individual for each and every one's body.

During my journey, I got certified as a Nutritionist at Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, California. Today, I work with some of the top plant-based medical doctors in the nation and am passionate about keeping up with the latest on plant-based nutrition.  


Lastly, I love cooking and making creative dishes out of all of the beautiful plants that GOD has provided us. To check out some of my latest recipes, click HERE.